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NEMA-rated, inverter-duty motors from Aurora Motors are proudly distributed through our growing network of 200+ distributors. Trusted channel partners are strategically located throughout North America and key locations around the world as we continue to expand globally. Your business relies on dependable motor performance, plus readily available parts, service and support. Aurora Motors offers a robust supply chain you can count on. NEMA Premium Efficiency VHS motors in WP1 or TEFC enclosures with hollow or solid shafts, and three-phase T-frame motors are available through a distributor location near you.

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    Become a distributor for Aurora Motors

    Aurora Motors is actively evaluating new distribution partners to support our growing business. We value partners who place their customers' needs first, and who stand for quality. Aurora Motors has been in business for over 30 years and we are focused on developing long-term, sustainable relationships, rather than one time transactional partners. Trust and mutual respect are of paramount importance to the Aurora team, and we understand that we are only as successful as we enable our partners to be.

    • The value of becoming an Aurora distributor:
    • A global brand that prides itself on quality and adherence to the highest independent standards
    • Access to a team that prides itself on flexibility and creativity
    • Real-time support to troubleshoot technical and warranty issues
    • A partner willing to go above and beyond, providing configurable solutions to meet the demanding needs of end custom
    • Expertise to provide and deliver custom-engineered solutions
    • Joint sales calls and joint marketing material
    • Access to our manufacturing facilities to assist with private label or outsourcing needs
    • Wholly owned manufacturing facilities, allowing for greater supply chain control and assuring both quality and timeliness