Aurora Motors - Vertical Pump Motor Manufacturer

Warranty Policy

Aurora Motors warranties its motor/product against defects in material and workmanship provided the motor/product has properly been cared for, installed, and operated in the application for which the motor/product was designed. Aurora Motors warrants its motor/product for 12 months after the date of installation or 24 months from the date of shipment, whichever expires first. This warranty shall be in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied including but limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. A defective motor/product must be taken to an independent repair facility authorized by Aurora Motors for inspection or returned to Aurora Motors for completion of warranty. Any and all repairs must have a written authorization by Aurora Motors prior to such repair.

To claim a warranty on a motor/product, the purchaser must provide the original invoice, date of installation, authorized inspection report, cost of repair (authorized repair facility) and photographs/video of failure which support the warranty claim. Aurora Motors will be responsible for repairs or replacing the defective motor/product provided that the motor/product has an Aurora Motors nameplate on it and in fact is an Aurora Motors product, has never being altered, is returned, and freight pre-paid. Before returning the motor/product, a return merchandise authorized number (R.M.A.) must be obtained. Aurora Motors will pay the transportation charge one way only, from the warehouse to the customer. Aurora Motors is not responsible for any expenses in connection with any repair made by anyone other than the factory or an authorized service facility. Aurora Motors is not responsible for removal, installation, or other incidental expenses incurred in shipping the motor/product to or from facilities. The utilization of the thermistors and space heaters are required for warranty inspection.

Aurora Motors assumes no responsibility for consequential or incidental damages, including but not limited to, personal injury or labor costs arising from an operating failure of the motor/product for any reason whatsoever, nor does it assume responsibility for improper storage and handling by the distributor and/or end-user. Also, for warranty purposes, customer must be ready to provide relevant data to Aurora Motors such as the end-user and installer contact information, (preferably at the time of installation). Before a warranty can be determined, the warranty department needs documentation of what application the motor/product was being utilized for, date the motor/product was purchased, the date the motor/product was installed and if all wiring was properly connected, if both the thermistor and space heater had been installed correctly, if the motor/product had been properly filled with oil, and a complete description of the cause of failure.

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